How Are We Compensated?


Our review services are available on an hourly or fixed-fee basis, which is established in advance as part of the retainer agreement.  The time spent with any client depends on the complexity of their financial affairs and existing estate planning arrangements.  Typically an engagement includes the collection and analysis of the client’s personal, family, financial and business arrangements; the preparation of a comprehensive report and recommendations;, and all meetings to review and finalize action steps.  We also available to work with your professional advisors in the implementation of any changes to your plans, at an additional fee based on an established hourly rate.  While Integrated Estate Solutions does not provide legal drafting services or tax preparation support, we can provide a secondary review service.

To provide independent advice and in turn ensure that your goals and objectives are accomplished on a cost-effective basis, we do not accept referral fees, commissions or any other types of payments from third parties.